running & athletics for the future

Help us focus today on getting youths interested in running & athletics, and sports in general, today & tomorrow. 


go for broke

Be what we want, live up to our own sporting values and values generally, cherish the planet & life itself.



Sports, Phys. Ed., Calisthenics, Gymnastics & Running

We practice what we preach by enduring the rituals of sports, and coming out champions in spirit, mind and body,

An Athletic Spirit

 The Party of Commons is a multi-purpose organization that uses a horseshoe for one of our logos. The horseshoe represents ingenuity for the style and inventiveness that it took to make a horseshoe, labor for the obvious work in welding the metal for it & putting the parts together, and progress for the importance of horses in developing our trade and commerce in America. 

Big Endeavors

  Ingenuity, Labor and Progress are the attributes that the Party of Commons strives for and enhances as we make our contribution to athleticism, community cohesiveness, and knowledge of country and the outer world. 

Send them a message by voting for Mark Greene for State Representative (GOP), Position 2, 30th Legislative District, in July & August.  Environmentally-conscience & conscious; economically for the people and America-centric.  Learn more by clicking the "more news" button at the top of the page.


Warren Harding and Calvin Coolidge

THE CITIZENS PARTY, a.k.a. Party of Commons (and supporting aspects of the GOP, the Party of Lincoln).  This is an offshoot of Barry Commoner's old Citizens Party, that was active in the 1970s & 80s.  Commoner was a distinguished environmentalist and political scientist, so the Revived Citizens Party is environmentally conscience & conscious, and also for a complete multi-lateral nuclear armament disarmament with an armed enforcement mechanism to keep any new nukes from being built, ever again.  

The photo above is of Warren Harding (left) and Calvin Coolidge, Republicans and two of our best presidents (we're rehabilitating the bad presidential image that Harding has unfairly received; he did make mistakes like any other president).  Coolidge, who was not a pacifist, tried to implement the Kellogg-Briand Peace Pact that tried to resolve differences between nations peacefully.  Harding and Coolidge also both limited immigration after it got out of hand. Coolidge limited it to a 150,000 person-a-year quota, and we need to enact an outright immigration moratorium, today (with some exceptions).   Harding and Coolidge served in the 1920s (the Roaring Twenties); Coolidge took office, in 1923, after Harding's death.